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By on October 25, 2013

Eagle products are discontinued, but parts and service remain available. Please contact us for more information.

PT-T2 power/data splitter/combiner
PT-T2 power/data splitter/combiner

Our most popular accessory is the PT-T2 power/data splitter, which allows a single power supply and controller to feed multiple heads.

We also have the PT-CSI, a contact to serial interface device. You can feed it a simple contact closure input, from a microphone mixer or video switcher GPI output, and it will send a command to recall a preset position to a certain pan tilt head. It is also to be used in conjunction with the tally light option on our PT heads; it will accept a GPI trigger from a video switcher, and turn on and off a tally light on the PT head.


The PT-MP-1 multiplexer allows your system to have up to 5 desktop controllers and a PC or AMX/Crestron control system hooked up to a multiple of heads, each controller with the ability to control a single or multiple heads simultaneously. It functions as a traffic light to make sure that the data packets being sent by the controllers do not interfere with each other and reach their destination correctly.


The PT-MFA device is a programmable interface to read or send logic and relay control signals from various devices into or out of the Eagle system. For example, it could be programmed to turn on studio lights (via relay) or open a gate at a remote broadcasting site. It can also control simple external video and audio switchers via relay or RS-232 control signals.


Our PT-BB is essentially a PT-101 pan tilt head without the motors. It is in a much smaller box, and is used when you wish to control a fixed position camera and/or lens. It has the PT-CCB-101 option built in for camera control, and will control any teleconferencing or DC drive lens, just like the PT-101 will. It has the same wiring interface as a PT head, uses the same power supplies, and provides 12 VDC power to your camera.