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By on October 25, 2013

Our controllers are no longer available, but parts and service are. Please contact us by email or phone for more information.


Our most popular controller is the PT-C55. It controls up to 8 PT heads, with recall of up to 20 presets per head.

PT-C controller photoPT-CC controller photo

Our PT-C desktop controller, shown on the left, allows pan tilt and lens control of up to 32 heads, with up to 64 presets per head. With its’ accessory PT-CC┬ácamera controller, shown on the right, you can change camera settings on any of those 32 connected cameras as well.

Both controllers communicate via RS-485 serial over a simple 3 conductor cable. Controllers can be several hundred feet away from the PT heads, depending upon wire gauge. Both controllers can also be integrated into Ethernet systems with the use of serial port servers, small devices that allow any serial device to be used over Ethernet networks. These can be obtained from several sources; we have used and recommend the VLinx ESP-211-485 model, available from B&B Electronics