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Power supplies and accessories

By on October 25, 2013

Eagle power supplies are all discontinued, but parts and service remain available. Contact us for more information.

You can either use a single power supply per head, or use a larger power supply in conjunction with the PT-T2 power/data splitter to feed power to multiple heads.

We also make the PT-PS-2 that has 4 separate outputs built in.

To choose the correct supply, simply add the power requirements of the heads in your system, plus about 15% for cable loss, to arrive at the total amperage required. If you are at or near the maximum output of the power supply, simply go to the next larger model.

We can help you choose the correct supply for your system; just contact us with your questions.

  • PT-PS-1: single 2.5A outputPT-PS-1 supply
  • PT-PS-2: 4x 3A outputs, individually fusedPT-PS-2 supply
  • PT-PS-3: single 6.5A outputPT-PS-3 supply
  • PT-PS-4: single 20A output
  • PT-PS-3E: single 6.5A output inside a weather proof box for use with the PTE-350 outdoor system
  • PT-T2¬†1 input, 6 output power/data splitterPT-T2 junction box